webDU 2009 — Year of the Prototype

May 21 and 22 was the 7th webDU and my 3rd as part of the Daemon team who organise the event. WebDU is a technology conference. Amongst all the code and whiz bang-ery this year was an entire track dedicated to the consulting and planning side of projects: Team/UX (user experience). The room was packed for the whole two days.

As a non developer, the theme I took away from webDU 2009 was prototyping. Delivering prototypes be it a wireframe or design, that are closer to the final web page or web application.

The Work Experience

What is a Web Producer?

At an IA-Peers Sydney meet up this week I discussed what it is that I do as a web producer … For this post I am republishing an email I sent in September 2008 to a student of a friend who teaches Online Journalism at UTS.

Design Product design

Pagination Patterns and Losing Time in Facebook

Do you ever get on Facebook, planning only to update your status, check out a few groups, and instead find yourself stuck in there? I do. I lose track of time. It could because the content is so compelling but I blame the pagination.