The 8 traits of good and bad error pages

A little while ago I started a tongue in cheek collection of broken web pages on Tumblr called Shit Servers Say. It’s turned into a collection of what makes a good and bad error page. The best examples treat broken web pages as an opportunity to reach out to their audience. The worst do nothing. […]


Mobile Monday Pecha Kucha style

I never post such raw notes on this blog, but I thought, better raw than never tonight. I haven’t been to Mobile Monday in years, but spurred on by @roneo I went along. Meet up flavour Cheery friendly crowd ready to network and chat. Markedly more guys than gals. Devs, designers, developers… was there an […]

Design Events

Designing for Touch Screens

I was totally enamored by the Microsoft Surface at WebDU. Here is a mix of what I learnt, filmed and experienced. Touch Design Principles Shane Morris outlined some design prinicples when designing for the Surface, but many would apply to designing for smaller touch screen devices. Don’t deploy a desktop application to a new device, […]