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  • Go read the 5 Myths of Great Workplaces

    Is there a downside to everyone being happy at work? Is conflict good or bad? Does hiring for cultural fit produce group think? A great summary over at HBR of what to consider if your goal is to foster a critically engaged team. “… task conflicts produce better decisions and stronger financial outcomes. … Healthy debate […]

  • 10 Essential Pillars of Employee Engagement

    10 Essential Pillars of Employee Engagement from Dan Benoni

  • 22 typical change management mistakes

    I love this list of 22 typical change management mistakes to avoid. There are several in this list which I think can be addressed with a human centred design approach such as: Mistake #13 – Not involving the employees Leaders must actively involve the people most affected by the change in its implementation. This will help ensure […]

  • The evolution of CX

    The evolution of CX

    Bruce Temkin spoke at the inaugural CXPA Australian meeting about the evolution of CX Management and made a rally cry for the profession to co-develop a core set of repeatable processes and procedures.

  • Bank of America to its 270,000 employees: Be nice

    via marketplace.org Bank of America sent a letter to each of its 270,000 employees with the simple message to “Be Nice”. This is after woeful customer satisfaction ratings. Is a letter enough? No, according to Customer Experience consultant Colin Shaw of Beyond Philosophy who stresses the need in the story for matching incentives and guidelines for […]

  • User centric change management

    User centric change management

    I had the privilege to work on a succession of projects relating to the staff experience at my time at Different. My colleague Christian LaFrance presented some of the learnings from these projects and a few others undertaken by the team at the recent Service Design Network Global Conference in Paris (28-30 October, 2012) and […]