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  • The Heretics Guide to Management book review

    The Heretics Guide to Management book review

    Skip the hype cycle, recognise your biases and default position as well as other’s biases and default positions to look at problems in context of their changing conditions. This is the overriding message of The Heretics Guide to Management by Paul Culmsee and Kailash Awati. This book was recommended to me by a sage and savvy […]

  • Top 10 traits of the perfect boss

    Sylvia Pennington reports on the characteristics of the perfect boss. How does your boss stack up? Or if you’re the boss how do you stack up? The cheat sheet list is: Provides purpose Demonstrates vision Collaborates Sets clear expectations Provides a positive work environment Is even tempered and resilient Treats everyone fairly Provides recognition Are […]

  • Bank of America to its 270,000 employees: Be nice

    via marketplace.org Bank of America sent a letter to each of its 270,000 employees with the simple message to “Be Nice”. This is after woeful customer satisfaction ratings. Is a letter enough? No, according to Customer Experience consultant Colin Shaw of Beyond Philosophy who stresses the need in the story for matching incentives and guidelines for […]

  • Best Companies to Work For 2012 – Fortune Magazine

    Earlier this year Fortune magazine published it’s annual list of the 100 best companies to work for in the U.S. Results are based on surveying employees. Sure, not all companies have jets or yachts to share with employees but there is still plenty to learn from reading the company snapshots. The reasons these companies have […]

  • Letting people go: quick versus slow. Lessons from the Media Industry

    When Eddie McGuire was forced to axe 100 staff from Channel Nine – barely a few months into his new role as CEO – he decided to give it to them straight.Unfortunately, his HR department had other plans.Instead of letting him sit down and talk with each unlucky worker, they made him read a scripted […]

  • The Employee-Motivation Checklist via Fast Company

    Provide meaning to motivate (purpose), provide feedback, provide opportunities, be fair … you know the score and it all sounds like common sense but many organisations miss the mark. A tidy list to refresh your management sensibilities from fastcompany.com.