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  • Facebook chat bubble – here, there and with extra instructions

    As a follow up to an earlier post I am happy to report that the Facebook chat bubble copy has changed. For all the details and screenshots I have updated the original post.

  • Facebook chat bubble – drag where to close?

    I found out that I wasn’t the only one to find the Facebook Chat Head/Bubble super confusing. But I think just changing one work on the tablet interface might solve the problem.

  • How to best use Facebook: Social Media Club 8 March 2011

    The evening began with a video, then an infographic. The speaker, Facebook evangelist Paul Borrud awarded generous prizes to reinforce the stats: 62% of users log in everyday Average usage is 27 visits per user per month 3 billion photos are uploaded per month globally Then a history lesson: The 90s web was organised around […]

  • Facebook faux paux face palm (I hate you BranchOut!)

    Oh the shame! Check out my wall. See all those horrible, horrible application status messages. I like to think of myself as pretty web savvy but I lost some serious web cred today when I inadvertantly spammed countless friends. How I became a web idiot After returning from a workshop I was feeling pretty tired […]

  • Do I need a disclaimer just to have a bad day?

    The first Digital Citizens event tonight was a robust discussion on personal versus private online. The title of the evening was Private Parts: Personality and Disclosure – Finding a Balance in the Digital Space. Surprisingly it was the lawyer on the panel, Adrian Dayton (of Social Media for Lawyers) who was sounding like the ad […]

  • Pagination Patterns and Losing Time in Facebook

    Do you ever get on Facebook, planning only to update your status, check out a few groups, and instead find yourself stuck in there? I do. I lose track of time. It could because the content is so compelling but I blame the pagination.