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  • Go read the 5 Myths of Great Workplaces

    Is there a downside to everyone being happy at work? Is conflict good or bad? Does hiring for cultural fit produce group think? A great summary over at HBR of what to consider if your goal is to foster a critically engaged team. “… task conflicts produce better decisions and stronger financial outcomes. … Healthy debate […]

  • 10 Essential Pillars of Employee Engagement

    10 Essential Pillars of Employee Engagement from Dan Benoni

  • Entrepreneurs’ tips for building a great culture

    Hiring right, perks versus how people work now, making sure staff are invested in the company to be invested in their work, transparent salaries are among the tips from 9 entrepreneurs about building a great culture. ~ http://www.businessinsider.com.au/how-to-create-a-great-culture-2013-8#newscred-ceo-shafqat-islam-says-to-get-culture-right-you-have-to-hire-right-1

  • Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit

    via youtube.com About 10% of new recruits to call centres take Zappos up on the incentive to leave after completing the intensive induction program.

  • Mr and Mrs Rude in the workplace

    … There are benefits to rudeness … that is, for those who perpetrate it. In a study conducted by a trio of American universities last year, it was discovered that rude men earn 18 per cent more than “agreeable” men, while rude women earn 5 per cent more than nice women. The study comprised 10,000 […]

  • BRW best places to work announced: Tech sector has the happiest workers

    A combination of transparency, skill, pride and fun has seen OBS named among the nation’s 10 most desirable workplaces each year since the BRW awards began in 2009. First place … the chief executive of OBS, Brian Cook, plays ‘Happy birthday’ on his guitar for two employees. Photo: Arsineh Houspian via smh.com.au