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A quick note on shared understanding

This rang so true that I liked, booked and saved Amy’s tweet here for the next time I need the reminder. Sometimes its frameworks, sometimes its approaches, other times its industry and technical jargon. Heck even whole strategies can be interpreted differently. Always worth taking that moment to calibrate where everyone is at.

Service design

Customers use of mobile devices translates directly into efficiency gains and profits for Dominos pizza via SMH

An article in today’s SMH about the Domino’s food chain struck me as quite significant. Customers’ increased use of mobile devices when ordering has resulted in efficiency gains and increased profits for the business. Customers’ use of devices when ordering has: increased products sold per transaction increased efficiency due to improved accuracy of orders as […]

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Considering customer efficiency in experiences

There’s efficiency and there’s experience. Last month I published an article for UX Mag on the subject of customer efficiency. It opens with a story about the Melbourne trams. It’s conductors were replaced by machines in an efficiency drive. However the efficiency of customers and of the service required consideration around tasks beyond ticket purchase. Conductors […]