Co-design with stakeholders and customers. Together. You say what?

Matt Hogdson, awsome conference speaker, and writer of things IA and UX, and agile posted a blog about UCD. Intrigued I asked a question in the comments, and got a whole blog post as a response on getting stakeholders and users together in a workshop for co-design magic! Wow! It’s a good read to boot. If […]

The Work Experience

Does your personality suit a career in IT or design?

A few years ago I read an article in My Career about whether your job has a personality. It goes on about introverts and extroverts but it struck a chord with me at the time. I remember my good friend Tamara Graham telling me why she left her established career in teaching. It was during […]


WebDU 2010: the year of touch

I have been to 4 webDU conferences and this was the first year that I was not on the Daemon organising team. It felt strange to not have to do anything but enjoy myself, and that I did. In the Day 1 keynote Mike Chambers from Adobe came out at the gates in defense of […]