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  • Exhaustion and hyper vigilance

    This quote is from a conversation between Ezra Klein and Krista Tippett about politics, polarisation and the media. Something about it reminded me of what it can also feel like in dysfunctional organisations.

  • Half baited

    Half baited

    Noticing a missing word in this click bait title made me laugh. Guess I was half baited. Just goes to show how formulaic this stuff all is and how quickly it’s churned out.      

  • The gap between technology and trust

    I’ve followed some interesting and conflicting media recently. Tony Costa writing for Forrester evangelises location technologies improving customer experience citing four recent and compelling examples. On Australian TV last night 4 Corners followed the life and online privacy of a typical Australian family to demonstrate the reach of where our data goes. Once the breadth […]

  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Then, now, tomorrow. What’s next for the World Wide Web?

    The event, held at the Sydney Town Hall 5 Feb 2013, was part of the City Talks series presented by the City of Sydney and UTS spotlight. The hashtag was the ever parochial #tbldownunder. The official ones were #sydcitytalk and #UTSengage What people said There were several introductions including Clover Moore’s rundown of the City’s […]

  • Cory Doctorow at Vivid Ideas

    Cory Doctorow at Vivid Ideas

    There are links here for you to go listen to Cory Doctorow’s talk at Vivid 2012 yourself, and also some other academic links on the wider history of cultural copyright issues.

  • Billboard shopping comes to Australia via Sportsgirl

    Billboard shopping comes to Australia via Sportsgirl

    QR codes – they seem like a good idea, yet their implementation is often shallow and clumsy. Tesco have certainly shown what can be done with QR codes building a shopping experience at train stations in South Korea. Now Sportsgirl are bringing the experience to Australia with a shopping billboard in Chappel Street Melbourne, as […]