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  • Someone tell Add This that Posterous is dead already

    Someone tell Add This that Posterous is dead already

    Why do references to dead social networks linger, and why don’t service providers quietly retire them for us?

  • Cat herder (digital producer) needed

    Cat herder (digital producer) needed

    My old compadres at Daemon are looking for a new producer. Is this you? You can read the job posting for the official description but perhaps I can talk about what the role meant for me (and yes, cat herder was officially in my job description at the time which might give you a little […]

  • Dear SMH – just fix your search engine why don’t you

    Dear SMH – just fix your search engine why don’t you

    Working for a customer experience consultancy, as I do, I am always on the look out for stories about customer activism or advocacy — so I was very interested in this story on the SMH about the influence of a customer in the removal of soft porn content from the Telstra BigPond service.  Except it […]

  • Posterous is dead. Long live Posterous.

    Posterous is dead. Long live Posterous.

    When I logged into Posterous yesterday I saw something startling. I’ve worked with a few CMS but none are really fun. This is the extent of my Posterous fandom: Am a member of 1 Posterous space set up as a meme for a ginger friend by another friend Ahmed. Created 2 Posterous spaces as digital farewell […]

  • Tribute to my lovely netbook as HP announces likely exit from PC market

    I love my HP Mini netbook. LOVE it. It’s light, small, powerful, the keys feel and work like Apple keys, it has a touch screen that I use all the time when I am scrolling through notes on research outings, and very importantly it’s purple. Better yet I won it in a competition last year after […]

  • Improved Posterous Web Stats

    Many people have questioned and blogged about the very generous and encouraging web statistics produced by Posterous analytics versus Google stats. I have Google Analytics on my posterous blog and of course noticed the discrepency. I always thought the stats were most probably counting bot visits. Whatever those numbers were measuring it seems the fault […]