The internet the world

Exhaustion and hyper vigilance

This quote is from a conversation between Ezra Klein and Krista Tippett about politics, polarisation and the media. Something about it reminded me of what it can also feel like in dysfunctional organisations.


Content strategy meets design system

Mature product and service design teams are merging design systems with content strategy. Two speakers, Tony Starr Atlassian, Steven Berends DTA, outline how.


“It’s much better to be a learn-it-all than a know-it-all” Steve Vamos

“I think design thinking and agile which are big trends in business today are a reflection of the fact that if you are building anything without customer feedback today you are deluded” “Mistakes are learning. You cannot innovate, create and progress without mistakes” HT to my friend Pauline Lucas for sharing this with me.

The Work Experience

Signs of a well functioning and high performing team

Susanne Husebo knows where it’s at.

Design Product design Research

Ethnography Makes Products

That my team — a design team — does research, has at times confused colleagues unfamiliar with design methods …

Service design

“The thing I have noticed is that when the anecdotes and the data disagree, the anecdotes are usually right”

I was struck in this article, at how much importance is placed on direct customer feedback, particularly for a data driven company.