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Principles in action – Cut the crap!

I was reminded though of perhaps the most candid and abrupt corporate principle ever — Cut the Crap.

In 2002 the BBC CEO made a speech and a soccer style card:

I would also ask that people in every team in the BBC – be it at Watchdog, Radio Leicester or outside broadcasts – discuss how we make this place better, how we make it exciting, how do we ensure that the cynics and moaners in the organisation – and they’re there in all big organisations – are marginalized. In short how do we cut the crap and make it happen?

To help me I’ve had a yellow card printed which says on it “cut the crap and make it happen” which I plan to bring out at every meeting when someone is trying to stop a good idea rather than make it happen. We’ll send one to anyone who wants one.

The BBC is a pretty extraordinary and innovative media organisation. I guess it worked.

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