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Stan app dead end for curious new customers

I’m looking forward to seeing what Stan, Presto, and of course Netflix have to offer avid Australian movie and TV watchers like myself. I’m a ripe candidate for all of these new services: I don’t subscribe to Foxtel (can’t get cable at home), I haven’t bothered to bypass geo-location blocks to access US Netflix, I don’t want to download illegally, I don’t have an Apple TV (love hate relationship with Apple, hate relationship with iTunes), and I’m ready to see what else there is besides Quickflix for more than a few reasons.

Rather enthusiastically I downloaded the Stan app today on my iPad and was quickly disappointed. The first screen gave me nowhere to go: No information about the product, no hint of the launch date, no way to sign up, and no way to take any further steps. Even worse, it assumed I was already a customer.

The Stan iPad app. You can log in but if you’re a new customer you can’t sign up.

The website gives a few more options. You can read a bit about the service and more importantly sign up and register to an offer. Why isn’t this experience available on the app?

I can only assume its because its early days for Stan. To any Stan designers, developers and product managers reading this I don’t want to come across as a pedant, but am suggesting another form on the app page would be more appropriate. I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store. Good luck with the launch.

The Stan website has more information as you would expect and a more appropriate form for new customers and a new product.



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Well done Erietta, good informative post.
On the topic I was more glad than I can say when I observed that Channel F$cking Nine are going broke.
Richly deserved for those arseholes who fill our sport screens with unhealthy advertising to the point where you can hardly remember what sport you are watching.
If col still alive see if you can get him to call me.
Lock Barker

Agree with you erietta,Even in the current version available as well they dont have the the section wherein you want more information about stan

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