Cat herder (digital producer) needed

My old compadres at Daemon are looking for a new producer. Is this you? You can read the job posting for the official description but perhaps I can talk about what the role meant for me (and yes, cat herder was officially in my job description at the time which might give you a little insight into the minds of this crew).

Looking back, my favourite thing about the team there was the shared excitement over this big thing we call the Internet: the latest meme, social platform, web technology, design patterns. Oh and lunches with the team, and Geoff’s penchant for French champagne.

My three years as a producer enabled me to add some big weight Australian client names to my portfolio (Blue Scope Steel, Australian Olympic Committee), as well as some overseas ones. It was an opportunity to grow my design skills in interaction design and learn technology fundamentals that enabled me to talk on par with developers then and to this day — which I think is a valuable skill in a environment that too often presents a divide between design and dev.

If you consider joining you will not only get a chance to work on some cool client projects but you will also get to contribute to the ongoing open source FarCry project used by Mayo Clinic amongst many others. And there ain’t too many companies that genuinely support open source software let alone produce it, so if that’s something important to you check out the role.

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