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Designing The One-Week Team Sabbatical That Will Transform Your Company

The image FAST COMPANY chose to lead this article isn’t quite representative of the ideas discussed. They should have chosen something more like this …

This article is about getting away from it all in order to work together and plan ahead. It outlines how to organise off-site sabbaticals, how to prepare for them and even gives you the debating points to counter the nay sayers who say you can’t afford the time or the people.

Key points:
Give everyone 3 months notice.
Allow everyone to contribute the project ideas to be work-shopped in this lead time.
Define project vision and scope in the lead time. Allocate team leaders to be responsible for this.
– Scope projects rigorously.
The projects should provide value for your team and clients.
– Get away from it all, the hum drum, the distractions and the routine and go off-site.
– Make sure people get to have some fun.

Cohesive teams should expect productive efforts and innovation roadmaps for the years ahead. Troubled teams should expect some catharsis.

For the full details and case studies check out: Fast Company

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