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Friends from out of town have often remarked to me that Sydney has a thriving digital scene. All the events I’ve attended, big and small, are organised by passionate people with a spirit of openness and sharing. Considering most meet-ups are free or under 10 bucks it’s pretty cheap compared to a conference ticket.

Fetch – Curated whats on for the business and digital communities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and London

But what’s on? Where to go? Where to look? There’s twitter, eventbrite, meetup – the information is out there but its all over the place. Kindly solving this problem for all of us is Fetch by Kate Kendall (founder) and her curators including Hannah DeMilta. So far there’s Fetch lists for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and London covering events, news, articles and more for the business, digital and creative communities. Thanks so much guys — this is a great idea and a great service.

Check out the Fetch Blog , follow them on twitter or facebook, or get the updates in your inbox.





3 responses to “Curated event list for your convenience”

  1. Thanks so much for the write-up – I’ve only just seen it now. The joys of festive downtime!

    Really pleased to see you’re finding us useful. Feel free to let us know if we’re missing any events –

    It’d also be great if you could change the link on my name from the Gravatar one to if not too much trouble!

    Thanks again!



    1. oh you are most welcome for the write up. And link changed as requested.

  2. Thanks to @erietta for our write-up ‘Curated event list for your convenience’ –>

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