Sebastian Chan on Museums for the Next Generation Part 3: Gaining staff acceptance of new initiatives

Over the course of this year I have worked on several service design projects for staff, so staff engagement has become a particular area of interest for me. My previous 2 posts have been on the talk I saw Sebastian Chan present at Australian Infront’s Insight series. Sebastian Chan has been the web manager at the Powerhouse Museum for a number of years, leading many innovative projects. Amongst them was the digitisation and publication of the entire museum collection which also allowed user generated tags. This and other projects have opened up domains previously held exclusively by curators. So, in the audience Q&A of his talk on Museums for the Next Generation I asked him:

Did the results speak for themselves or did his team have to campaign the merits of an open source user generated collection and tagging system to museum staff? How did they get staff on board?

Sebastian Chan: Gaining staff buy in through positive case studies by erietta

What’s the lesson to be learnt here? Positive examples will arm you against risk averse stakeholders i.e. you have to generate proof. Pilot small projects to build credibility and start gaining evidence.

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