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Social media marketing your product

The topic at last week’s Product Maven’s focused on social media marketing. Presentations came from Enjel Phoon, a lawyer whose firm recruited on twitter, the developer and entrepreneur behind product marketplace Blue Parcel, and PR consultant Roger Christie.

Lessons learned:

  • Leverage channels that will surprise your audience.
  • “Fish where the fish are swimming”. Delve into metrics to find out where.
  • Research subject focused forums to find hubs of conversation to generate insights.
  • Don’t expect high conversion rates (e.g. traffic to your site) from social platforms. 10% is respectable and realistic.
  • Don’t invest in marketing before your product, site, platform etc are ready.
  • Listen first to your audience to know how to engage.
  • Embrace failure. Look back and reflect. Was it effective? Refine practice.

This was my first Product Mavens meetup and it was such a welcoming event. I’m curious about product management and where it crosses over into UX so I’ll be back for more – the next one promised a session on brainwriting. I’m already curious.

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