Improved Posterous Web Stats

Many people have questioned and blogged about the very generous and encouraging web statistics produced by Posterous analytics versus Google stats. I have Google Analytics on my posterous blog and of course noticed the discrepency. I always thought the stats were most probably counting bot visits. Whatever those numbers were measuring it seems the fault has been rectified and my Posterous page views have been sober for a fair while now with pages recording realistic numbers since May 2011.

My post “They keep Painting We keep Painting” recorded:

  • 15 views on Posterous
  • 2 on Google Analytics

My post kikki-k notebooks recorded:

  • 483 views on Posterous
  • 1 on Google Analytics

I love the Posterous service and I know the developers work hard on the product. I have received next day emails from the founders answering bug tickets. Unfortunately the guys, usually quick to respond on so many other issues have been quiet on this one.

Just thought that that I should post some content to counter the blog posts on the subject that are now outdated.