5 reasons to go to industry events

Anyone who visits this blog often may have noticed I go to a lot of industry events. I love hearing talks, I always get something out of it, but even meet-ups without guest speakers
are an opportunity to learn from your peers. So if you’re too shy or too busy to fit an event into your calendar – maybe you’ll find a reason to finally go below.

  1. Get to know people in your industry
    New to town? Need a job? New to the industry? You will be surprised how happy people are to talk, offer advice, help you out and put you in touch with others. Talking to others also gets you an understanding of where you are at and where you want to be.
  2. Understand the industry landscape
    Which companies specialise in what, who claims to specialise in the new thing, whose been doing it for real.
  3. Hear new case studies straight from the makers
    Nothing is more inspiring than hearing passionate stories from industry leaders.
  4. Get exposed to other industries, mindsets and methodologies
    Put those industry buzz words into perspective and learn a new approach or technique while you’re at it.
  5. Get recharged!
    Feeling a bit flat at work? Need some respite from that 6 month project you’re treading water on? Bored? Get some perspective back by meeting others, hearing about their projects and remind yourself why you love what you do.


This post is dedicated to my event buddies, past and present: Jo, Kristin, Bec and Laurel.


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