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Service Design Drinks 9: Lauren Tan on social design in the UK 22 March 2011

Earlier this week Lauren Tan presented at Service Design Drinks on her university research paper. In it she looked at 2007 DOTT (Design of the Times, internet archive link, may not be complete site) design projects in the public and social space. “This PhD programme aims to identify and understand how design methodology is used […]

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Hungry Beast: Welcome to the new privacy

In case you missed it, watch this great essay on online privacy by Elmo Keep from Hungry Beast. Some snippets: “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place,” — Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt “People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing […]

Events The internet the world

Sydney Institute: Political Abuse and the Web 15 March 2011

While I found myself agreeing in small parts to the speakers at last week’s Sydney Institute, I could not agree with the pessimistic views on politics on the web. The Sydney Institute is a forum for discussion on politics and current affairs. Despite it’s decidedly conservative leanings efforts are usually made to present a somewhat […]


How to best use Facebook: Social Media Club 8 March 2011

The evening began with a video, then an infographic. The speaker, Facebook evangelist Paul Borrud awarded generous prizes to reinforce the stats: 62% of users log in everyday Average usage is 27 visits per user per month 3 billion photos are uploaded per month globally Then a history lesson: The 90s web was organised around […]


Usability in mainstream news

Usability war stories hit the news twice yesterday. The first report detailed a software project gone bad in NSW hospital emergency departments. Its worth reading for its examples of non-existent user research practices, and the clear failing to gather the requirements and define the business rules specific to the audience and environment the software was designed […]