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Service Design Drinks 6: Can we design our industry?

Senova's challenge: can we design our industry together?

Melis Senova began her presentation with this premise: if you interpret every choice as a design decision, you can look at your life as a designed experience. And concluded: if we all design our lives, can we design our industry?

Her presentation was a challenge to apply the principles and characteristics of user experience  design – collaboration, transparency, sharing, iterative, open, designerly, innovative, empathetic, cross disciplinary – to design our experience of working in our industry.

Melis Senova: attributes of user experience
Melis Senova: Business as usual

Zafer Bilda opened the night with a service design case study that followed a familiar working approach (1) define the business objective (2) survey the landscape with a comparative analysis (3) conduct observational research (4) create customer and staff personas (5) study service tools in use to design a new experience.

Perhaps we can take this working model and apply it to Senova’s challenge. Is a bar camp in order?

Service Design Drinks 6 was a full house.  Service Design Drinks 7 will be on 23 November and will be reviewing highlights from the upcoming Service Design conference in Berlin.

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