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My Blurb book’s back

I received my second book made by Blurb in the post the other day. This was the first book I had made that was a black and white text, 5″ x 8″ paperback. I ordered one hard cover with dust jacket and a couple of paperbacks. I was well impressed by the paper quality and the binding. The hard linen cover is beautiful and austere, but unfortunately the image did not align correctly … or at least as I thought it would.

The dust jacket front image went over too far on the right edge. I was thinking to try and refold the dust jacket but the spine was printed in exactly the right place. The soft cover image did fit, but only just and it didn’t look quite centred.   It was interesting to see how differently the same image alligned on the dust jacket and the paperback. The image is a lot bigger on the dust jacket and didn’t fit at all. This could be improved by Blurb.

The solution? Well I think I was a bit ambitious making an image that was reliant on lining up just so. I have redesigned the cover so the image is much smaller and is well away from the edges. I think the new cover looks much better too.

Lessons learned:

  1. Keep important parts of the image well away from the edge, even a bit further than book smart software suggests.
  2. Make the image for the dust jacket design a bit smaller than the paperback cover image.

Oh, and by the way, I was not at all fussed by the experience. I won a voucher for the books from a UPA meet up, which gave me the opportunity to try it all out for free. Thanks Blurb!

My Blurb book's back
The package label

My Blurb book's back
Wrapped in plastic

My Blurb book's back
Crooked dust jacket

My Blurb book's back
Linen hard cover

My Blurb book's back
Paperback: The image only just squeezes in to the top and bottom edges.

My Blurb book's back
How I thought the cover image would line up

My Blurb book's back
Inside cover

My Blurb book's back
Original cover design

My Blurb book's back
Plates cover version 2

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