The Work Experience

Does your personality suit a career in IT or design?

A few years ago I read an article in My Career about whether your job has a personality. It goes on about introverts and extroverts but it struck a chord with me at the time. I remember my good friend Tamara Graham telling me why she left her established career in teaching. It was during an overseas holiday, where she was outdoors all day, taking snaps that she decided that she hated being inside, staring at the same walls and what she really wanted to do was travel around and take photos.

Mathew Hodgson, an IA/UX type, writes and speaks about agile project management. I have never done an agile project, and this is not a piece about agile versus waterfall. What struck me to think about that article and Tamara’s story was a blog post and graphic that Mathew published a few weeks ago about careers and the Agile team.

In the team roles are categorised into groups, as being focussed on either:

  • Process
  • Output
  • Analysis
  • Build
  • Customer
  • Client

The usual job titles can still be found in there, there’s an Information Architect, a DBA, a BA, a Developer an Interaction designer; but there is an emphasis on what people are doing, and what their preference is.

I wish I had thought about what job suited my personality when I was younger—I may have come to my career a lot sooner. I think this graphic would be a handy tool for any career advisor to show kids who are considering a job in IT, and especially for those who may not yet be considering the field, what they may be suited to and encourage them to think about what it is that they enjoy doing.