Augmented Reality Changeroom Demo

With only about 3% of online browsers turning into shoppers, augmented reality has the potential to shake up ecommerce by simulating a real life experience.

Manoj Vekaria and Sushant Verma of Rocketboots were manning the desk in the sponsor’s corner at webDU. In this video they show me and some other onlookers their impressive prototype for an augmented reality changeroom. It’s in the early stages now, so is very much a proof of concept but towards the end of the video Manoj talks about future physics simulations that will better represent the look of clothing on the wearer.

Sushant Verma and Manoj Vekaria also presented Need for Speeed, a talk about the future of Flash platform development and a comparison with related technologies at webDU this year.

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Cool stuff!
Soon available another AR application arbusinesscards. Have a look at the following video
or have a try yourself at, print out the businesscard, activate webcam and hold the marker in front of the webcam. Service will be available for mobile also. If interested you can follow me on twitter @AVerschueren

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