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WebDU 2012

It’s been a few years since my last webDU so this year’s conference was a reunion of sorts with familiar faces, friends and dear old colleagues. I should point out that as a daemonite alumni I was a guest, so yes I am biased and I do think this conference is awesome. The staging was great, the food better and the speakers stellar. Did I mention there was ice-cream?

Codewars 2010. The Challenge: Make an app to make Steve Jobs relax … in Flash!

This year I made it to my first Code Wars event. Code Wars kicks off the annual webDU developer’s conference. Developers are set a number of challenges by Robin Hilliard from Rocketboots and face off in competition.
Here is a not so skillfully put together montage of the funniest challenge of the night:

(I attended webDU as a guest and used to be part of the webDU organising team when I worked at Daemon,the organisers of webDU.)

webDU 2009 — Year of the Prototype

webDU logo
webDU logo

May 21 and 22 was the 7th webDU and my 3rd as part of the Daemon team who organise the event. WebDU is a technology conference, primarily but not solely, focused on developers. Amongst all the code and whiz bang-ery this year was an entire track dedicated to the consulting and planning side of projects: Team/UX (user experience). The room was packed for the whole two days.