Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Then, now, tomorrow. What’s next for the World Wide Web? Sydney Town Hall 5 Feb 2013.

About the event

Part of the City Talks series presented by the City of Sydney and UTS spotlight.

The hash tag was the ever parochial #tbldownunder. The official ones were #sydcitytalk and #UTSengage

What people said

There were several introductions including Clover Moore’s rundown of the City’s contribution to supporting innovation which was quite impressive, and there were (too many) panelists, but everyone was there for Tim Berners-Lee.

He delivered his presentation with a frenetic energy. Was there a thread? A theme? Not quite, although his historical tech overview did turn into an invitation to contribute to code and be vigilant of those who seek to control our data and our privacy. I think an implied warning of proprietors who want to lock down devices too.