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Digital Citizens – Social media and the music industry who are mildly embracing it

The panel at Digital Citizens: Ben Shepherd – Sound Alliance; Sam Buckingham – singer / songwriter; Gareth Stuckey – Director, Gigpiglet; Dan Rosen – ARIA Chief Executive Officer; Neil Ackland – Sound Alliance; moderated by@acatinatree. The event was held at FBI Social.

So the topic of the evening was meant to be Social media and the music industry but that’s not quite what we got.

Sign up to the Company Customer Pact by Get Satisfaction

Having worked for a company behind open source software, I know how important community conduct is, on forums and other channels. In fact it was something that Geoff, as FarCry product evangelist had to (and I’m sure still does) moderate closely. This interaction between products and users is vital in fostering closer relationships between companies and customers, feature improvements and product innovation.

Telegraming peace and protest

1980 telegram from activist group "Anti war citizens"

Social media and mobile phones are the communication and organising tool of this moment. As you well know these tools have been important factors in recent events like the Arab Spring and the London Riots. So I thought it an apt time to reflect on old school comms. I found this telegram from 1980 on a cleaning bee at my parent’s house.

Social Media Club: Food, Wine and Social Media, 2 August 2011

An interesting thing happens when the speakers at Social Media Club don’t hit their mark. The speakers were talking about engagement but they weren’t getting any. The error they made was misjudging their audience as amateurs who needed to be shown how it’s done. They should have known that this is an audience of social media marketers and consultants with years of experience under their belts.