Mr and Mrs Rude in the workplace

… There are benefits to rudeness … that is, for those who perpetrate it. In a study conducted by a trio of American universities last year, it was discovered that rude men earn 18 per cent more than “agreeable” men, while rude women earn 5 per cent more than nice women.

The study comprised 10,000 workers over a period of 20 years, and it concluded that one explanation for the salary difference is that rude people tend to be more forceful during salary negotiations. The result? They get what they want.

Document collaboration

I was happy to be followed by @bilsel on Twitter, the creator of a new document collaboration tool, Clinked. It is designed to encourage collaboratio and comments and very importantly — sign off. I have worked in places that rely on seperate change logs for document edits. Its a punishing and clumsy workflow. This tool seems to solve that problem at least. One to experiment with in the near future.