Scam Buster

The NSW department of Fair Trade is launching their new Scam Buster app today. Flyers and sunscreen were being handed out at Town Hall station this morning. The app enables people to report scams by channel and type and offers info and tips for what to look out for.

Twitter hashtag spam

Watching a gripping game of Rugby League between West Tigers and St George I curiously grabbed my phone to check the Twitter stream. Looking for a shortcut to league tweets I checked trending topics–no league unfortunately but there was “tonga” trending because of the first game of the Rugby Union. So I checked it out. Now I have seen spam twitter profiles, been @spammed and have heard of direct mail spam. But had not seen such blatant pr0n spamming of a hashtag. Note #tonga …

Group buying Doggy style

Banner image on Snoop Dogg's Facebook Shop

At a FED event in April, I asked Dean McEvoy co founder of group buying site Spreets a question about the deals function. What was the point of  quotas for deals considering that Spreets is so popular, it is inevitable that all deals go ahead? He replied and said “watch this space”. Well, nothing has happened so far in terms of innovations on Spreets or any other group buying site. But something has happened on Facebook. With Snoop Dogg.

Creative Sydney: Free events this June in Sydney

If you are in a creative or tech field I highly recommend you mosie over to the Creative Sydney site and check out the free events on offer. Creative Sydney is part of the Vivid Festival. This booked out very quickly last year so hurry. There are talks on the impact of technology on future generations, designing immersive experiences, collaboration and open source movement (from a user perspective), monetizing your work, the “affection” economy and more.

Delicious acquired by YouTube founders

I’m sure it has been announced previously, but as a user I just received my email from Yahoo! notifying me of the sale of Delicious to AVOS. I used to be a huge Delicious fan. Remember when it was one of the darlings of “web 2.0”? My use and fan-dom has wavered as other tools such as Instapaper have proven more useful. Even in its hey day, my inbox remained empty as friends never really leveraged the sharing aspect as it was designed. Yet the feature remained. Only recently has search of own bookmarks been enabled. I wonder what this means for the future of Delicious? Hopefully some product innovations will follow.