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About me

While I’d call myself a service designer now, over my career I’ve practiced all forms of design. I’ve worked alongside technology and design colleagues in both implementation and consulting contexts. This has given me two things – a curiosity for methods and techniques, and a mindset that looks to bridge strategy to execution.

In my spare time I co-organise the Sydney Jobs to be Done Meetup, contribute to the Open Australia Foundation, perhaps watch too many films, and listen to not quite enough live music.

I studied fine arts and design. I began as a visual designer before becoming a producer and interaction designer with the good fortune of working with a bunch of talented and obsessive developers on CMS and web application projects. I also got to be involved with WebDU. I earned my Human Centred Design chops on design research and service design projects with a bunch of practitioners who loved talking methodology and technique. It was hard, fun work and over this time I developed a strong interest in designing for people rather than screens. I joined a Customer Experience consultancy before my move in-house and now work as a Design Manager in Telstra’s Design Practice which is part of the Product Design and Development group.

Why I write

I read a lot. I take a lot of notes. I worry I’ll forget things. It’s only when I set myself a task – to summarise, draw a picture, make a list that it all sinks in. In that process of doing and making I cement my learning. And that’s why I write here. As it turns out this process builds a library of links, opinions, events, and moments in time of what I was reading, listening to, doing and thinking. So when I need to recall something it’s there for me to retrieve.

The web and design community has given me so much over the years. Celebrating peoples’ efforts to hold meet-ups by blogging about them is my way of saying thank you. And sharing what I’ve learnt as I’ve built up my own design and research practice here is my little way of contributing back.


Any views expressed here are my own and in no way, unless specified reflect the views or opinions of my employer.

All content and original images on this blog are available under a Creative Commons attribution licence.