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Why I blog

I read a lot. I take a lot of notes. I worry I’ll forget things. It’s only when I set myself a task – to summarise, draw a picture, make a list that it all sinks in. In that process of doing and making I cement my learning. And that’s why I blog. As it turns out this process builds a library of links, opinions, events, and moments in time of what I was reading, listening to, doing and thinking. So when I need to recall something it’s there for me to retrieve.

This blog is about my design practice, thoughts on the web and reports on related events in Sydney that I go to. I’ve built a library of HCD tools on Pinterest and I collect articles on people management and the work experience. I’m also on Twitter if you want to say hi.

About me

I studied fine arts and design. I began as a visual designer before becoming a producer and interaction designer with the good fortune of working with a bunch of talented and obsessive developers on CMS and web application projects. I also got to be involved with WebDU. I earned my Human Centred Design chops on design research and service design projects with a bunch of practitioners who loved talking methodology and technique. It was hard, fun work and over this time I developed a strong interest in designing for people rather than screens. I joined a Customer Experience consultancy before my move in-house and now work as a Business Designer in the Design Practice which is part of Telstra Retail’s Strategic Change group. If you are curious for more details check out LinkedIn.


Any views expressed here are my own and in no way, unless specified reflect the views or opinions of my employer.

All content and original images on this blog are available under a Creative Commons attribution licence.