video conference selfie
Video conference selfie from my Telstra days

Hi, I’m Erietta

… or Eri for short. I started this site to celebrate meet-ups and share what I’ve learned as I’ve developed my design and research practice.

I trained as a creative and have worked in IT, UX, CX and product teams, consulting and client-side. I’ve conducted and led behavioural research, UX, service design, customer experience, design thinking, innovation, and digital transformation projects since 2003. Most recently I led Customer Experience at a not-for-profit aged care and community services provider and prior to that, I managed the Product Design Team for Telstra’s Product Innovation and Strategy group.

I’m motivated by customer problems and insight, energised by communities of practice, teamwork and learning what works.

In my spare time pre-COVID, I enjoyed films, live music, and country road trips and helped to organise a monthly drawing and music club.

I’m currently researching the post-creative and arts graduate experience for a new project about humanities career pathways.

Thanks for spending some time with me here.
Erietta Sapounakis


Any views expressed here are mine and in no way, unless specified reflect the views or opinions of my employer.

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