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Ultimate libraries

There are several sites I go to again and again for their original content and comprehensive resource lists of methods and tools. And who doesn’t love a list?

For strategy


For collaboration


For research


For design practice


For opinion and information

  • the best writing on technology because it takes a human and sociological view. Look out for Ian Bogost.
  • worth a look for irrelevant and critical discussion on technology.
  • before Reddit there was Digg. It focussed on just technology in its early days and that purity was a beautiful thing. I still miss the weekly podcast Diggnation that made me snort laugh out loud on the bus. I felt like one of the only girls in the community it was so (too) bro.
  • Directories crafted and curated by actual humans used to be a big thing, and was a reason why Yahoo! was a thing before Google. While they may seem anachronistic compared to search they can uncover gold hard to find in your personalised search echo chamber.


For design and product inspo and curiosities


For tools


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