Happy new year

Its time to reflect.

Unlike previous years I was relatively quiet on the event front. I tried out a couple of new meetups: Think Act Change http://www.meetup.com/think-act-change, Designing With http://designingwithsydney.com/ and also went to the first CXPA Sydney meetup. 2013 was quiet event wise with many meetups such as Social Media Club and Service Design Sydney going into hiatus. That’s not to say the Sydney scene is quietening down, there are still plenty of UX coffee mornings and the UX book club is going strong. Unlike previous years I also wanted to take a break from attending so many events. I felt it was time to consolidate my knowledge instead of taking new stuff in and I also feel that the presentation meetup format and even many conferences leave me wanting more. And perhaps that’s what happens when you are no longer such a fresh face — having worked on enough projects I now want to hear meaty case studies and lessons learned rather than introductions on topics which is what so many events provide for.

I won’t be so bold as to promise more regular blogging in a 2014 new years resolution but I will try. This year I volunteered for Open Australia (https://www.openaustraliafoundation.org.au/) on Election Leaflets (http://www.electionleaflets.org.au/) helping them with their twitter account but have since done some voice of the customer analysis based on Twitter data.  I am quite curious about how HCD/UX methods will be received especially by the developers.

My most popular posts of 2013 were:

This goes to show for me at least that there is room for critique and discussion on bad UX — so many visits to the Facebook post were searching a problem, and there is a need for meaningful instructive writing on human centred design methods.

I have loads in the pipeline to write about and new adventures working client side ahead in 2014. I hope 2013 was good for you and if there is anything you want me to write about  of course please comment.

All the best for your 2014, Erietta

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