WebDU 2012

It’s been a few years since my last webDU so this year’s conference was a reunion of sorts with familiar faces, friends and dear old colleagues. I should point out that as a daemonite alumni I was a guest, so yes I am biased and I do think this conference is awesome. The staging was great, the food better and the speakers stellar. Did I mention there was ice-cream?

There is no point in me sharing the 16 pages of notes I took over he 2 days—that would be a pretty tedious conference review. So, what I thought I would do is share the reasons you might want to follow up on the session slide deck and speaker profile. So here goes …

Terry Ryan from Adobe evangelising device testing then showing us Shadow

Terry Ryan, Adobe, Keynote Day 1 and Semantic HTML
Reason to click

Shane Morris on Microsoft’s Metro design language
Reason to click

John Bristowe – Make awesome web
Reason to click

Alex Danila (Google) – on the new shiny of HTML 5
Reason to click

  • Updates on new attributes and native applications of HTML 5: camera, microphone and more.
  • <canvas>

Mia Horrigan – The unsubscribed: designing for conversion
Reason to click

Dale Rankine – Mr Spock! Consumerise the enterprise
Reason to click

Marcus Shappi– the internet of things
Reason to click

Matthew Hodgson – The trouble with time travel
Reason to click

  • Case studies on two different agile project frameworks and the lessons learned in using them to create collaboration between UXers and developers.
  • Follow up for user workshop/design research  ideas.
  • Slidedeck

Of course, the above is just my view of the conference. I’m not a developer so if you want to follow up on the techier talks check out the the webDU site. I also have neglected to divulge the hilarity of Dmitry Baranovskiy’s you’re just not doing it right JavaScript comments on the speaker round table and the inspirational and thoughtful Colin James day 2 keynote. That deserves a blog post all to itself.

Until next year.


Scott Gamble

Good one Eri, sounds like webDU #10 was as good as always.
Looking forward to delving into your links for some light reading.

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