Tim Hughes – the business and future of online travel, 2 May 2012 at FED

Tim Hughes on the couch with Brad Howarth
Getaway Lounge is a daily deals site for travel with its brand leveraged from Channel 9’s TV show of the same name. It’s CEO Tim Hughes, also a blogger on the online travel industry was on the couch at FED last Wednesday.

Tim Hughes chatting with Brad Howarth of FED

Hughes talked about the challenge of selling travel with the short lead time of a “deal”, the advantage of a television plug to build your database and the importance of SEM, but mostly he talked about search. The future of search to be exact — recommendations and natural language queries that can help customers decide where to go next and give them ideas about their upcoming holiday. That future isn’t here yet, hence the relevance and current viability of traditional travel retailers, so it will be interesting to see what the  innovators in the space do and how the incumbents respond.

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