Are we switching off after hours? Adam Turner reports from SMH

A new survey from Human Resources vendor NorthgateArinso claims that Australians are actually getting better at saying “no” to work. According to the survey results; 

– Fewer workers make work-related calls from home this year (24%) than last year (36%)

– Fewer workers check emails at home this year (38%) versus last year (46%)

– Fewer workers feel that work is intruding on their personal life this year (39%) versus last (52%)

– Fewer companies are providing employees with laptops this year 24% versus last (35%)

I’m quite surprised by these results, except for the last figure because more organisations are encouraging staff to use their own laptops for work. NorthgateArinso’s ANZ managing director David Page thinks the shift could partly be to cultural change within organisations, as they realise that “online fatigue” can actually make workers less productive rather than more. This might be the case with some enlightened bosses, but I expect they’re in a minority.