Enterprise Engagement 101 via Wikipedia

And this is what I am hoping I will be working on soon:

Tools of Engagement

Engagement involves a broad range of disciplines and tactics. A comprehensive study of what motivates people in business conducted in 2002 by the International Society of Performance Improvement for the Incentive Research Foundation identified the following key factors:

  • Leadership – the ability of the organization to articulate a vision to its constituents.
  • Communication – the ability of the organization to convey its vision to its constituents.
  • Capability – the ability of an organization’s constituents to do what is asked of them.
  • Buy-in – the willingness of an organization’s constituents to do what is asked of them.
  • Support – the degree to which people feel recognized by the organization.
  • Emotion – the state of mind people have related to their work or relationship with the organization.
  • Measurement and feedback – the degree to which constituents receive feedback for their contribution and to which the organization analyzes results and adjusts accordingly[13].

Businesses use a wide array of tactics to address the above issues, including:

The expertise, products, and services related to these various practices comprise the emerging field of Enterprise Engagement. Bottom line: Much more research is needed to better understand how these various elements affect customer and employee engagement, and financial results.

It strikes me as so unusual that Enterprise Engagement has sprung from marketing, but considering the past role marketing agencies have played in organisations it makes sense. Read the complete entry for great references to pivotal articles and a comprehensive summary of the topic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enterprise_Engagement.


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