Dear SMH – just fix your search engine why don’t you

Working for a customer experience consultancy, as I do, I am always on the look out for stories about customer activism or advocacy — so I was very interested in this story on the SMH about the influence of a customer in the removal of soft porn content from the Telstra BigPond service. ¬†Except it wasn’t quite the story I had read in the Saturday paper, which I have quaintly photographed and included for you below.

Document collaboration

I was happy to be followed by @bilsel on Twitter, the creator of a new document collaboration tool, Clinked. It is designed to encourage collaboratio and comments and very importantly — sign off. I have worked in places that rely on seperate change logs for document edits. Its a punishing and clumsy workflow. This tool seems to solve that problem at least. One to experiment with in the near future.