Posterous is dead. Long live Posterous.

When I logged into Posterous yesterday I saw something startling.


I’ve worked with a few CMS but none are really fun. This is the extent of my Posterous fandom:

  • Am a member of 1 Posterous space set up as a meme for a ginger friend by another friend Ahmed.
  • Created 2 Posterous spaces as digital farewell cards
  • Experimented with 1 office Posterous
  • Used Posterous for 2 longitudinal research studies with over 20 participants. When I set these up the founders would troubleshoot my bugs and reply personally in email.
  • Have one account (this one) just to post stuff I like
  • And another to post articles and thoughts on a niche topic I am interested in
  • And have 3 private spaces that serve as personal intranets/google docs/evernote type places

I just love Posterous. So I trust and hope that it just will never go away. Other fans share my adoration and slight fear. Matt Seidel’s comment in response to the news on the official Posterous blog sums it up nicely:

Your FAQ is littered with “We’ll give you ample notice before any changes or disruptions to the service and we’ll provide specific instructions for exporting your content” But you don’t provide any clear dialog on the future of the service. Your FAQ makes it sound like you are shutting things down, but very indirectly. Can we get a more clear answer?

A rudimentary categorisation of the comments in response to the acquisition notice tallies users’ anxieties.

  • 479 responses in total
  • 45 hearts
  • 134 comments. Of these:
    • 46 Congratulatory sentiment and/or hopeful of product enhancement
    • 71 Concerned/regretful/farewells/anger/downright fear at prospect of Posterous disappearing
    • 17 Other

Acquisitions. We all watch the digital mining boom with keen interest. Passionate makers prospect with code, design and services. Sometimes the gamble and effort doesn’t pay off, sometimes little nuggets of gold are conjured, sometimes people hit serious pay dirt. I’m not sure where us users are in this clumsy metaphor of mine. But if we are the mining towns folk, and a village was created for us where none existed before, I hope it doesn’t become a ghost town when the mine closes down.

Cheers to a more stable, integrated and smooth Twitter experience with the talents of the Posterous team now on board. Posterous is dead. Long live Posterous.

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