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2. Defend Your Opinion, Then “Hit Play Quickly.”

The production process at Pixar is a lengthy one, with many groups participating and weighing in at various stages. A critical point in the process is called the Notes Session. It’s when several key individuals, such as the director and head writer, sit down to watch the full movie. They then capture changes that need to be made on notes and hand them back to the team (hence the name Notes Session).

These can be stressful times for everyone. Depending on the notes, a lot of rework could be ahead for the teams. Jacob explained that while you aren’t required to make the changes written on the notes, you better have a darn good explanation for why you didn’t. Yet spending too much time explaining why you didn’t make the changes can be suicide. “Keep your explanations brief, then hit play quickly,” Jacob said. Let the work speak for itself.

The same is true in creating new businesses. Avoid falling into a meta-discussion that derails the much needed momentum. Instead, let people experience firsthand what you are creating.

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