Architecture for productivity

The other day I pointed to an article on colleagues influence on absenteeism. While sorting through some old clippings I came across another article on the subject from 2008 (there was a reason for me to have kept it all this time). This time, it was about architecture and building design that contributes to a positive work environment.

For up to five hours the night air circulates through the 10-storey building, gradually cooling the wave-shaped concrete ceilings that have absorbed the heat from a day of human and computer activity. It makes sense – who doesn’t open the windows at night to cool down their house after a warm day? – but it is revolutionary for a modern commercial building.

The office floors are open plan and the lights are set at 150 luxe, compared with 350 to 400 luxe in a conventional office. While some council staff have requested stronger lighting for their work, the gentler lighting is said to have a calming effect on the behaviour of people – one council manager says he no longer feels as though he is working in a 7-Eleven supermarket.

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