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My first Product Mavens found me the loveliest, warmest bunch in Sydney. I am  curious about product management in those areas where it crosses over into UX which is why I am interested in this group. So often UXers come across marketers and product managers as stakeholders yet I am not sure we always talk the same language. The topics last week focused on the marketing terrain and social media marketing at that. Presentations came from Enjel Phoon, a lawyer whose firm recruited on twitter, the developer and entrepreneur behind product marketplace Blue Parcel, and PR consultant Roger Christie.

Lessons learned from last week’s meet-up in no particular order:

  • Leverage channels that will surprise your audience.
  • “Fish where the fish are swimming”. Delve into metrics to find out where.
  • Research subject focused forums to find hubs of conversation to generate insights.
  • Don’t expect high conversion rates (e.g. traffic to your site) from social platforms. 10% is respectable and realistic.
  • Don’t invest in marketing before your product, site, platform etc are ready.
  • Listen first to your audience to know how to engage.
  • Embrace failure. Look back and reflect. Was it effective? Refine practice.

These points aren’t necessarily mind blowing, particularly if you are across social media. But, it is always useful to see examples of how people and businesses are applying tools.  Also, it gave me the opportunity to pepper PRer Roger Christie with questions about research methods and client management. He answered enthusiastically and generously. This was such a welcoming event, and the next one promises a “brain writing” workshop.  I’ll definitely be back for that.


Roger Christie (@rogerchristie)

Enjoyed every minute of the ‘peppering’ :)

Thanks for your insightful questions and comments on the night, Erietta! Certainly was great to catch up with such enthusiastic and inspiring people and this is without a doubt an area that will continue to become increasingly important for all businesses, big or small.

Hopefully see you at one of the future events.


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