Tribute to my lovely netbook as HP announces likely exit from PC market

I love my HP Mini netbook. LOVE it. It’s light, small, powerful, the keys feel and work like Apple keys, it has a touch screen that I use all the time when I am scrolling through notes on research outings, and very importantly it’s purple. Better yet I won it in a competition last year after decrying my work Dell laptop in a 25 words or less poem. The Dell works fine but just feels awful to use.

So today I hear that HP, faced with mounting competition and a more focussed business strategy are bowing out of consumer electronics.  Obviously the competition is too fierce and their efforts not enough. While their electronics generate the most revenue they reap the least profit. I must admit that between an iPad and a netbook I may choose the former, but I am so glad I have the latter for now.

Its a sad day really – I see HP as a company that makes a real effort to the complete design experience from visual design to the software experience and industrial design of their machines. I haven’t experienced HP Synergy, an OS that reportedly:

populates the tablet with emails, calendar entries, contacts, photos and other information pulled from the user’s web accounts including Google, Facebook, Twitter, MobileMe, LinkedIn, Photobucket, Dropbox and others. This saves the user from having to open up separate apps for each service.

It just seems that for now users are happy to jump in and out of apps and that a seamless data experience is not compelling enough to make a dent in the mass market. There is also the comparison that users make with well established app stores of Android and Apple and the beautiful industrial design of Apple. And the “it” factor. Who can compete with cool?






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