Tribute to my lovely netbook as HP announces likely exit from PC market

I love my HP Mini netbook. LOVE it. It’s light, small, powerful, the keys feel and work like Apple keys, it has a touch screen that I use all the time when I am scrolling through notes on research outings, and very importantly it’s purple. Better yet I won it in a competition last year after decrying my work Dell laptop in a 25 words or less poem. The Dell works fine but just feels awful to use.

So today I hear that HP, faced with mounting competition and a more focussed business strategy are bowing out of consumer electronics.  Obviously the competition is too fierce and their efforts not enough. While their electronics generate the most revenue they reap the least profit. I must admit that between an iPad and a netbook I may choose the former, but I am so glad I have the latter for now.

Improved Posterous Web Stats

Many people have questioned and blogged about the very generous and encouraging web statistics produced by Posterous analytics versus Google stats. I have Google Analytics on my posterous blog and of course noticed the discrepency. I always thought the stats were most probably counting bot visits. Whatever those numbers were measuring it seems the fault has been rectified and my Posterous page views have been sober for a fair while now with pages recording realistic numbers since May 2011.

Social Media Club: Food, Wine and Social Media, 2 August 2011

An interesting thing happens when the speakers at Social Media Club don’t hit their mark. The speakers were talking about engagement but they weren’t getting any. The error they made was misjudging their audience as amateurs who needed to be shown how it’s done. They should have known that this is an audience of social media marketers and consultants with years of experience under their belts.