Delicious acquired by YouTube founders

I’m sure it has been announced previously, but as a user I just received my email from Yahoo! notifying me of the sale of Delicious to AVOS. I used to be a huge Delicious fan. Remember when it was one of the darlings of “web 2.0”? My use and fan-dom has wavered as other tools such as Instapaper have proven more useful. Even in its hey day, my inbox remained empty as friends never really leveraged the sharing aspect as it was designed. Yet the feature remained. Only recently has search of own bookmarks been enabled. I wonder what this means for the future of Delicious? Hopefully some product innovations will follow.

Yahoo! email notifying Delicious user (me) of sale of property to AVOS
Yahoo! email notification of sale and instruction to authorise permission for new company AVOS to manage.

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