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my abandoned delicious account
tag cloud generated by wordle for my abandoned delicious account

Yesterday I discovered a great online tool, or thought I had. Coming across the site I went to add it to my Delicious bookmarks—but I had already added the site in 2006!

My first attempt at Delicious (illustrated above in a wordle cloud) slowly and surely got out of control. My tagging was too granular, too specific. The tag lists became meaningless with too many tags listing only one or two sites. This is not how I wanted Delicious to work for me. So I started again. My new tagging strategy was to keep the tags as generic as possible. Now I actually refer to my bookmarks a lot more. My tags are really lists; directories of interests, resources, inspirations, a shopping wish list, and of course my reading list.

tag cloud  generated by wordle for my Delicious links
tag cloud generated by wordle for my Delicious links

I come across so many blogs where the authors litter their posts with tags. Its keyword spam to me and often a misrepresentation of the blog post (or image, or video) because the tags don’t represent the content equally. A passing mention to something becomes equivalent to the main theme of the post in the tags. This is not to say that tags shouldn’t be used, but if the ultimate aim is to offer a navigation device to related content they should be used carefully.

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