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    Hi, I'm Eri

    an experience designer and consultant working in Sydney. I follow a user-centred and participatory design approach to create and improve digital, physical, service, work and change management experiences. Read more

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    The work I do

    involves customer research, user testing, wireframing, workshop facilitation and training to deliver design, strategy, experience models and product road maps.

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    I write about the web, design practice and report back on UX, digital and service design meet-ups that I go to. Thanks for stopping by.

How long does a journey take to make?

This week a colleague rushed up asking how long it would take to produce a journey and the perhaps unsatisfactory answer was… it depends. Below I’ll outline what the dependencies and trade-offs are with each approach to journey mapping. But first lets define what a journey is and as I do this you will see how soon variability creeps into any description of this artifact.

Jobs to be Done Sydney #4 Interview workshop

Monday 23rd March was the fourth installment of the Sydney chapter of the Jobs to be Done meetup, and the first co-organised by me. That’s right, after so many years of attending meetups I’ve finally stepped up to help Christian keep the ball rolling. As always we were wonderfully and generously hosted by Brainmates who also host and sponsor Product Mavens and Product Talks Sydney. I’ll be getting along to one of those very soon.