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    Hi, I'm Eri

    a design manager and human centred designer from Sydney. I follow a user-centred and participatory design approach to create and improve products and services.

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    The work I do

    starts with research. This understanding of the needs, goals, and behaviour of customers informs strategy, road maps, and requirements to deliver experiences that solve obvious and less obvious problems.

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    I write about design practice, work, leadership, and report back on user experience, design thinking, and service design meet-ups that I go to. Thanks for stopping by.

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Ethnography Makes Products

That my team — a design team — does research, has at times confused colleagues unfamiliar with design methods. Some expect that customer research is produced solely from the market research team and that any design findings only come out of the usability lab. So, to set the scene on our latest field study I presented an introduction about how ethnography has played a part in the product design and innovation of many brands we are familiar with.