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    Hi, I'm Eri

    an experience designer and consultant working in Sydney. I follow a user-centred and participatory design approach to create and improve digital, physical, service, work and change management experiences. Read more

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    The work I do

    involves customer research, user testing, wireframing, workshop facilitation and training to deliver design, strategy, experience models and product road maps.

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    I write about the web, design practice and report back on UX, digital and service design meet-ups that I go to. Thanks for stopping by.

How long does a journey take to make?

This week a colleague rushed up asking how long it would take to produce a journey and the perhaps unsatisfactory answer was… it depends. Below I’ll outline what the dependencies and trade-offs are with each approach to journey mapping. But first lets define what a journey is and as I do this you will see how soon variability creeps into any description of this artifact.