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    Hi, I'm Eri

    an experience designer and consultant working in Sydney. I follow a user-centred and participatory design approach to create and improve digital, physical, service, work and change management experiences. Read more

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    The work I do

    involves customer research, user testing, wireframing, workshop facilitation and training to deliver design, strategy, experience models and product road maps.

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    I write about the web, design practice and report back on UX, digital and service design meet-ups that I go to. Thanks for stopping by.

Deconstructing a Jobs to be Done switch interview

It’s fascinating to hear about the decision making process of customers when they decide to buy a product. Its more interesting still to think about the reasons they may be leaving another product for this to happen. What may on the surface seem perfectly rationale ends up being haphazard, circumstantial, and even highly emotional.

Jobs to be Done Sydney meet-up review

I’ve been meaning for the longest time to do some reading on Jobs to be Done framework, but like so many little jobs it had remain undone. Until Monday night that is when Christian Lafrance organised the first Sydney meet up at the Trinity Bar in Surry Hills. Christian has presented on Jobs to be Done at UX New Zealand ¬†with ABC colleagues Justin Sinclair and Raymond van der Zalm and he has been incorporating the method into UX and product strategy and design projects at the ABC.